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My wife and I recently had begun their parents to go findtubes home to clean. Since we findtubes have a lot of furniture, etc to bring back to London had, we take the West Indies builder / craftsman who has worked in our house for six years. I always wanted him to fuck my wife and I realized that this could findtubes be the opportunity. realize that could be a couple of days I had booked two rooms at findtubes a nearby hotel had to take.. After a long busy day of packing boxes etc, we got into the car went to the hotel. We checked into our room with Robert in a single easy down the hall. We have agreed, shower, etc and are in the bar before dinner. robbed my wife to get a shower and I could get my hands away from her. I was grabbing her tits, sliding my hand on her shaved pussy before she entered the bathroom. ,. ' want to fuck me do not' Yes baby I think I'm doing. that she pushed me hard and whispered, 'Well, you may get lucky one day to the night I want a biblack cock t ' We need to know in the next half hour, they play each other preparations, it would be an exciting night. We were very hopeful and Robert was effective in it. My wife went to see him putting his arms around his muscular teeshirt and gave him a big kiss and a hug. I think it was at that moment he knew that this could be a special night. is very fit 35 year old Jamacian, 15 years younger than us, but with large hands and feet, and my wife was also found that a huge dick n. we sat at a corner table in the restaurant, as the drinks flowed and the conversation turned more and more to sex and relationships. Vanessa was bold enough to say, as Robert had fallen, and not with a Blackman for a holiday in St. Lucia, when he was 25. Robert seemed a bit embarressed but he I said, Whatever happens tonight is just between us three. now was fingering my pussy wife under theMesa, d conveniently forget to put your underwear. With more than 11 pm we were finished and ready to go. ' Let's go up, showered and seriously sexy - I want every inch of you,' gasped for Robert, as she squeezed his cock growing. We left the bar and went to our findtubes room. The sexual energy between us was amazing, when findtubes I opened the door, the room and the three of us went in. As soon as we arrived which took her to, 'I love you and I will screw your life. ' His hands disappeared rapidly around the skirt and in her pussy, her womanhood was all readily available when your legs apart. She gasped in his ear: 'Oh, what the fuck fantastitic ' passionately kissed my hand moves to the rightmost bits. Came the pants and slid the zipper, pulled his cock shiny black monster. Vanessa opened her mouth and said, sit back and enjoy the girl, Ialmost been stripped and sat on the floor of the bed. grabbed his cock, still semi -hard and hanging down. I findtubes could not get my eyes, pulled his foreskin up and down revealing her large head and black, was a true ' two-handed sword ' with both hands, she wrapped it still stuck with a few inches. This was the raw sex, which led him by his cock in the bathroom and turned on the shower. The hot water down, as they embraced the contrast between the white hands of his black cock, big black hands explore her body and made me come in cascade between the legs too. It was time to get serious. findtubes I was sitting on the edge of the bed and saw that she took his cock in her mouth. There is a sinful thing sexy, long and thick meatily was silky darkness of his erection throbbing veins. who took the first few centimeters and sucked hard, Robert appeared in absolute ecstasy. She put her lips around his cock and licked up and down his shaft. stealERT hips moved slowly to the tip of his penis slid in and out of her warm mouth. I stroked his cock, as my wife 's right hand pumped his cock, she had a hard pull and the head like never before. He was not there and was released, the decision was to sit on the side of the bed.. When she went back and got away from us with her ​​wet pussy on his massive erect ebony pole leaned back to show us her swollen pussy in all its glory I lay my hands on his cheeks and his lips said to configure.. His hands squeezed her ass as he slid his fingers between her legs open, a moment later, his massive 9 ' cock in her pussy swollen. His large hands grabbed her from behind as I worked my way up findtubes and down. I got before and she took my little white penis her mouth while she was findtubes away, his massive black cock. his body began to shake uncontrollablyand, and she has orgasms like never before.. 'Come, cum findtubes on me, I want to strip' I could not believe how dirty she said.. ' Oh you make me feel on my face', she jumped in bed asking us to cum all over her. Suddenly Robert gave a grunt and a jet of sperm hit here stiffened in the mouth and chin, ran the second ray of neck and breasts. I kept working my findtubes tail and finally splashed him. all collapsed in a mess on the bed stroking emontional my wife, our two cocks softening and say what a terrific trio had been.
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